Sofronova E.V.1 2000. The Hepaticae of the Suntar-Khayata Reserve (Yakutiya, East Siberia) // Arctoa. Vol. 9: 13–20 [in Russian].

1 Institute of Biology of Permafrost-Zone, Lenina str. 41, Yakutsk 677000 Russia

KEYWORDS: liverworts, biodiversity, mountain tundra, phytogeography.

ABSTRACT. 66 liverwort species of 29 genera and 16 families are listed for the Suntar-Khayata Nature Reserve. 8 species are new for Yakutia and 23 are new for the Verkhoyansky Range. Frequency, altitudinal distribution, habitat, associated species and reproduction are also mentioned. Geographical distribution of the species of reserve is discussed.

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