Pisarenko O.Yu.1 2004. Mosses of the central part of Kuznetskiy Alatau (Southern Siberia) // Arctoa. Vol. 13: 241–260 [in English].

1 Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Zolotodolinskaya 101, Novosibirsk 630090 Russia; e-mail: o_pisarenko@mail.ru

KEYWORDS: check-list, bryophytes, Kuznetskiy Alatau, Kemerovo Province, rare species, biodiversity, altitudinal distribution

ABSTRACT. Bryological investigations were carried out in central high-mountainous part of Kuznetskiy Alatau (northern spur of Altai-Sayan mountain system). 254 moss species are known now for the study area. The list of species and information about species frequency, altitudinal distribution, habitat preferences and sporophyte production are given.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.13.20

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