Titova O.L. 2018. [New records of Lepidoptera (Tineidae, Alucitidae, Crambidae, Erebidae, Nolidae, Noctuidae) from the Kholmskii Raion of Sakhalin Island, Russia, with notes on autumnal imago activity] // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.17. No.4: 248–254 [in Russian, with English summary].

MG-2 Kholmsk — structural subdivision of FGBU «Sakhalin UGMS», Pobedy Str. 16, Sakhalinskaya oblast, Kholmsk 694620 Russia.

E-mail: olgabernizet@mail.ru.

doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.17.4.02

ABSTRACT. Nine Lepidoptera species of the families Tineidae, Crambidae, Erebidae, Nolidae and Noctuidae are newly recorded for Sakhalin Island. Pelecystola strigosa Moore, 1888 is a new record for the fauna of Russia, Peridroma saucia (Hubner, [1808]) is new for the Russian Far East, Acosmetia biguttula (Motschulsky, 1866) was previously known only from Kunashiri Island, and Botyodes principalis (Leech, 1889) and Gonitis mesogona Walker, 1858 are considered as rare species for Primorsky Krai. New localities for Orgyia thyellina Butler, 1881 are presented, and presence of Himeropteryx miraculosa Staudinger, 1887 on the Sakhalin Island is confirmed. Illustrations of female and male genitalia of Conistra fletcheri Sugi, 1958 are provided. The favourable weather conditions for autumnal collection of Lepidoptera in Sakhalin Island are described.

KEY WORDS: Lepidoptera, new findings, Sakhalin.

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