Bergholz N.G.R. 2006. The millipede Cylindrodesmus hirsutus (Pocock, 1889) new to the fauna of Costa Rica (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Haplodesmidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.14 (for 2005). No.4: 297–298 [in English].

Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology, Tropical Ecology Working Group, Postfach 165, Plön 24302 Germany.

KEY WORDS: Diplopoda, Cylindrodesmus hirsutus, new records, Costa Rica.

ABSTRACT. The pantropical millipede Cylindrodesmus hirsutus (Pocock, 1889) is newly recorded from the Costa Rican provinces Cartago and Limon. Establishment of parthenogenetic populations on plantations treated by pesticides was observed.

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