Invertebrate Zoology

ISSN 1812-9250 (paper version), 1814-0815 (online version)

The international open-access, peer-reviewed journal is published mostly in English. It publishes original papers, reviews and brief communications on morphology, anatomy, embryology, taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of any group of invertebrates from protistans to lower chordates.

Editor-in-Chief: V.V. Malakhov (Moscow, Russia).

Vice-Editor-in-Chief: V.N. Ivanenko (Moscow, Russia).

Secretary: E.N. Temereva (Moscow, Russia)

Editorial Board: A.V. Adrianov (Vladivostok, Russia), V.V. Alyoshin (Moscow, Russia), N.M. Biserova (Moscow, Russia), E.V. Bogomolova (Moscow, Russia), T.A. Britayev (Moscow, Russia), A.V. Chernyshev (Vladivostok, Russia), A.V. Ereskovsky (St.-Petersburg, Russia), F.D. Ferrari (Washington, DC, USA), A.V. Gebruk (Moscow, Russia), A.I. Granovich (St.-Petersburg, Russia), I.A. Jirkov (Moscow, Russia), A.A. Kotov (Moscow, Russia), D. Martin (Blanes, Spain), K.G. Mikhailov (Moscow, Russia), M.J. Schreider (Newcastle, Australia), A.Yu. Sinev (Moscow, Russia), A.V. Verechshaka (Moscow, Russia), V.V. Yushin (Vladivostok, Russia).

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The journal is issued in two numbers since 2004 and quarterly since 2018. Indexed by Scopus (since 2015), reviewed by Zoological Record and VINITI. The journal's impact factor from Scopus is 0.684; the current Scimago Journal Rank for 2017 is 0.24 (Q3).

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