Arctoa, a journal of bryology, ISSN 0131–1379

The open-access, peer-reviewed journal is published in English, except New Records and Regional Floras sections, which can be in English or Russian with English summary, Figure and Table explanations. Arctoa emphasizes the taxonomy, morphology, phytogeography, phylogeny, development, ecology and conservation of mosses, hepatics, hornworts and some putatively related extinct plants; both extant and fossil representatives are considered.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael S. Ignatov (Moscow, Russia).

Editorial Board: O.M. Afonina (St. Petersburg, Russia), E.Z. Baisheva (Ufa, Russia), I.V. Czernyadjeva (St. Petersburg, Russia), E.A. Ignatova (Moscow, Russia)., J. Ku?era (?eské Bud?jovice, Czech Republic)., R.E. Magill (St. Louis, U.S.A.), E.V. Sofronova (Yakutsk, Russia), B.C. Tan (Berkeley, U.S.A.)

Secretary: V.F. Fedosov (Moscow, Russia)

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The journal is issued once a year since 1992.

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Dr. E.A. Ignatova

Dept. Geobotany, Biological Faculty

Moscow State University, 119234 Russia