a journal of bryology

ISSN 0131–1379

The peer-reviewed scientific international journal is dedicated to mosses, liverworts and hornworts, and fossil plants that are putatively related to them. Arctoa publishes research papers presenting study of these plant groups in all aspects, especially taxonomy, phylogeny, morphology, phytogeography, development, ecology, conservation, and studies of regional biodiversity. Publications are in English language, except bilingual (English & Russian) article titles, authors, abstracts, New Records and Regional Floras sections, and cases where the bilingual specimen labels are required.

Journal home page: http://arctoa.ru

The journal is issued once a year since 1992.

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Archiving: Russian State Library, Russian Book Chamber, Moscow University Library, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Science Citation Index (eLibrary).

Published by KMK Scientific Press, Moscow, Russia.


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Dr. E.A. Ignatova
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