Farzalieva G.Sh. 2007. New species of the lithobiid genus Lithobius (Monotarsobius) (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae) from eastern Kazakhstan // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.15 (for 2006). No.2: 99–117 [in English].

Department of Zoology, Perm State University, Bukireva 16, Perm 614990 Russia. E–mail: fgsh@psu.ru

KEY WORDS: Lithobiidae, taxonomy, Lithobius (Monotarsobius), new species, East Kazakhstan.

ABSTRACT. Eight new species of the centipede genus Lithobius (Monotarsobius) are described from eastern Kazakhstan: L. ketmenensis sp.n. from Ketmen Mountains, L. amplinus sp.n. from Charyn River Canyon, L. canaricolor sp.n., L. minimus sp.n., L. simplis sp.n. and L. tuberofemoratus sp.n. from Dzhungarsky Alatau Mountains, L. tarbagataicus sp.n. from Tarbagatay Mountains, L. insolitus sp.n. from Tarbagatay and Dzhungarsky Alatau Mountains, as well as from near Lake Zaysan.

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