Polchaninova N.Yu.1, Prokopenko E.V.2 2008. An annotated checklist of the spider fauna (Araneae) of the “Svyati Gory” National Nature Park (Ukraine, Donetsk Region) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.16 (for 2007). No.3: 177–189 [in English].

1 Kharkov National University, Svobody squ. 4, Kharkov 61077 Ukraine. E-mail: polchaninova@mail.ru

2 Donetsk National University, Shchorsa Str. 46, Donetsk 83055 Ukraine.

KEY WORDS: spiders, fauna, “Svyati Gory” National Nature Park, Ukraine.

ABSTRACT. A checklist of 277 spider species of 28 families is provided for the National Nature Park “Svyati Gory”. One species, Mustelicosa dimidiata, is new to Ukraine, seven species are new to the Left-Bank Ukraine. Some 60% of the species and 73% of the genera recorded in South-East Ukraine are recorded in the park. Widespread mesophilous and forest species predominate. Steppe species make up no more than 10% of the fauna. Six species (viz., Gnaphosa montana, G. bicolor, Zelotes apricorum, Thanatus sabulosus, Xerolycosa nemoralis, Ozyptila brevipes) form local populations situated far away from their main areas of distribution.

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