Marusik Yu.M. 2009. A check-list of spiders (Aranei) from the Lazo Reserve, Maritime Province, Russia // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.18. No.1–2: 95–109 [in English].

Institute for biological problems of the North FEB RAS, Portovaya Str. 18, Magadan 68500 Russia. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Aranei, Russian Far East, new synonyms, new record.

ABSTRACT. From the territory of the Lazo State Reserve, 244 species of spiders belonging to 31 families are reported. Two new synonyms are established: Araneus seensis Oliger, 1991 syn.n. = Araneus ishisawai Kishida, 1920 and Gayenna sachalinensis Saito, 1935 syn.n. = Anyphaena pugil Karsch, 1879. A genus and species, Sernokorba pallidipatellis (Bösenberg et Strand, 1906) is reported from Russia for the first time. Ozyptila scabricula (Westring, 1851) is first reported from the Russian Far East, and Anyphaena pugil is reported for the first time outside Sakhalin Area, Japan and Korean Peninsula. Anyphaena pugil and Sernokorba pallidipatellis are illustrated.

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