Prószy?ski J. 2009. Redescriptions of 16 species of Oriental Salticidae (Araneae) described by F. Karsch, E. Keyserling and C.L. Koch, with remarks on some related species // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.18. No.3–4: 153–168 [in English].

Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Wilcza 64, Warsaw, Poland.

KEY WORDS: Taxonomy, redescriptions, types, Salticidae, diagnostic characters, geographical distribution, Oriental Region, the Philippines.

ABSTRACT. This paper documents, identifies and redescribes the type specimens of 16 species of jumping spiders, 14 of which were erroneously considered “nomina dubia”. The following new synonymy is established: Plexippus planipudens (Karsch, 1881) = Plexippus paykulli Audouin, 1826 syn.n., 12 species are transferred to different genera, with name combinations changed accordingly: Hasarius coelestis Karsch, 1880 = Thiania coelestis (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Homalattus deplanatus Karsch, 1880 = Rhene deplanata (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Ictidops constrictus Karsch, 1880 = Nannenus constricta (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus albolineatus C.L. Koch, 1846 = Carrhotus albolineatus (C.L. Koch, 1846) comb.n., Plexippus caeruleus Karsch, 1880 = Chalcotropis caeruleus (Karsch, 1880) (comb.n.), Plexippus intermedius Karsch, 1880 = Bavia intermedia (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus lividus Karsch, 1880 = Telamonia livida (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus nigrifrons C.L. Koch, 1846 = Evarcha nigrifrons (C.L. Koch, 1846) comb.n., Plexippus planiceps Karsch, 1880 = Bavia planiceps (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus setosus Karach, 1880 = Telamonia setosa (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus simplicissimus Karsch, 1880 = Thiania simplicissima (Karsch, 1880) comb.n., Plexippus unicolor (Karsch, 1880 = Lepidemathis unicolor (Karsch, 1880) comb.n.. The following types specimens are redescribed: Eris barbatus Karsch, 1880 = Carrhotus barbatus (Karsch, 1880), “Euophrysdeclivis Karsch, 1879 (replacement is postponed pending further research), Hasarius insularis Keyserling, 1881 = Chalcotropis insularis (Keyserling, 1881), Plexippus erythrocephalus C.L. Koch, 1846 = Artabrus erythrocephalus (C.L. Koch, 1846). The “nomen oblitum” status of Ictidops deruptus Karsch, 1880 is confirmed. The undescribed Philippine specimens of “Eugasmia barbata” and Simaetha cf. “leucomelas” are discussed.

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