Tanasevitch A.V. 2010. On synonymy of linyphiid spiders of the Russian fauna (Arachnida: Aranei: Linyphiidae). 1 // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.19. No.4: 273–282 [in English].

Centre for Forest Ecology and Production, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya Str. 84/32, Moscow 117997 Russia.

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.19.4.09

KEY WORDS: Spiders, Linyphiidae, new synonym, new combination, Russian fauna.

ABSTRACT. Seven new synonyms are established for the Russian fauna: Agyneta yakutsaxatilis Marusik et Koponen, 2002, syn.n. = Agyneta amersaxatilis Saaristo et Koponen, 1998; Bolyphantes palaeformis (Tanasevitch, 1989), syn.n. = Bolyphantes bipartitus (Tanasevitch, 1989), both comb.n. (ex Lepthyphantes Menge, 1866); Epigytholus tuvensis Tanasevitch, 1996, syn.n. = Epigytholus kaszabi (Wunderlich, 1995), comb.n. (ex Lepthyphantes); Hybauchenidium holmi Marusik, 1988, syn.n. = Hybauchenidium aquilonare (L. Koch, 1879); Poeciloneta yanensis Marusik et Koponen, 2002, syn.n. = Poeciloneta variegata (Blackwall, 1841); Savignia nenilini Marusik, 1988, syn.n. = Savignia birostra (Chamberlin et Ivie, 1947); Walckenaerianus aemonicum (Deltshev, 2005), comb.n. (ex Hypomma Dahl, 1886), syn.n. = Walckenaerianus esyunini Tanasevitch, 2004. W. esyunini is recorded from the Altayan fauna for the first time.

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