Nekhaeva A.A.1, Nekhaev I.O.2 2011. On the spider fauna of Bolshoy Aynov Island (Barents Sea) (Arachnida: Aranei) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.20. No.4: 319–322 [in English].

1 Institute for Problems of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky pr. 33, Moscow 119071 Russia. E-mail:

2 Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimirskaya str. 17, Murmansk 183008 Russia. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.20.4.06

KEY WORDS: Spiders, Kola Peninsula, tundra, island fauna.

ABSTRACT. An annotated list of 17 spider species of 4 families based on personal collecting from Bolshoy Aynov Island (Varangerfjord, Barents Sea) is presented. Savignia frontata Blackwall, 1833 is recorded from the tundra zone of Kola Peninsula for the first time.

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