Kastrygina Z.A., Kovblyuk M.M. 2013. A review of the spider genus Thanatus C.L. Koch, 1837 in Crimea (Aranei: Philodromidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.22. No.3: 239–254 [in English].

Zoology Department, V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University, Yaltinskaya Street 4, Simferopol 95007, Ukraine. E-mail: zoiac_21@mail.ru  kovblyuk@mail.ru

KEY WORDS: spiders, Thanatus, Crimea, key to species, annotated checklist.

ABSTRACT. Nine Thanatus species are recorded from Crimea: T. arenarius L. Koch, 1872; T. atratus Simon, 1875; T. formicinus (Clerck, 1757); T. imbecillus L. Koch, 1878; T. mongolicus (Schenkel, 1936); T. oblongiusculus (Lucas, 1846); T. pictus L. Koch, 1881; T. striatus C. L. Koch, 1845 and T. vulgaris Simon, 1870. T. mongolicus is recorded from Crimea and Ukraine for the first time; three other species (T. oblongiusculus, T. pictus and T. striatus) are recorded from Crimea for the first time. The record of T. mongolicus from Crimea lies at the westernmost limit of species’ range. The earlier record of T. coloradensis from Crimea was based on misidentification and actually belongs to T. formicinus. An identification key, diagnostic drawings, distributional maps, spatial distribution in Crimea and phenology are provided for all species.

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