Logunov D.V. 2013. Redescription of Alopecosa krynickii (Thorell, 1875) (Aranei: Lycosidae) from the Crimea // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.22. No.4: 353–356 [in English].

The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK. E-mail: dpavuk@ngs.ru

Key words: Ukraine, Crimea, spiders, Aranei, Lycosidae, Alopecosa.

Abstract. The paper presents a redescription, diagnosis and brief taxonomic notes on a poorly known wolf spider, Alopecosa krynickii (Thorell, 1875), comb.n., ex. Tarentula (#), from the Crimea.

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