Jäger P. 2014. Heteropoda Latreille, 1804: new species, synonymies, transfers and records (Araneae: Sparassidae: Heteropodinae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.23. No.2: 145–188 [in English].

Arachnology, Senckenberg Research Institute, Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. E-mail: peter. jaeger@senckenberg.de

KEY WORDS: Huntsman spiders, Southeast Asia, systematics, revision.

ABSTRACT. The genus Heteropoda Latreille, 1804 is revised by means of original descriptions and respective type material as well as of material recently received. Seven new species are described: H. pekkai sp.n. from Bhutan (?), H. opo sp.n. from caves in Burma (?), H. cece sp.n. from a cave in Indonesia, Kalimantan (?), H. duo sp.n. (?) from Indonesia, Kalimantan, H. kusi sp.n. from a cave in Indonesia, Kalimantan (??), H. maukin sp.n. from a cave in Indonesia, Kalimantan (?), H. obe sp.n. from a cave in Indonesia, Sulawesi (??). Lectotypes are designated for: H. mediocris Simon, 1887 (?); H. kobroorica Strand, 1911 (?). Redescriptions are provided for: H. listeri Pocock, 1900 from ? and ? syntypes from Christmas Island; H. nigriventer Pocock, 1897 from recently collected material from Central Sulawesi; H. mediocris Simon, 1887 from female lectotype from New Guinea; H. languida Simon, 1887 from ? holotype from Burma; H. kabaenae Strand, 1911 from ? holotype from Indonesia, Sulawesi; H. analis Thorell, 1881 from ? holotype from Fly River, Papua New Guinea. Following new synonymies are proposed: H. kobroorica Strand, 1911. syn.n. with H. analis Thorell 1881; H. regalis Roewer, 1938, syn.n. with H. mediocris; H. laurae Jäger, 2008 syn.n. with H. nigriventer Pocock, 1900; Ocypete thoracica C.L. Koch, 1845, syn.n., Sarotes aulicus L. Koch, 1878, syn.n., Sarotes truncus McCook, 1878, syn.n., H. venatoria japonica Strand, 1907, syn.n., H. venatoria chinesica Strand, 1907, syn.n., H. venatoria maculipes Strand, 1907, syn.n., H. nicki Strand, 1915, syn.n., H. nicki quala Strand, 1915, syn.n., H. tokarensis Yaginuma, 1961, syn.n., H. andamanensis Tikader, 1977, syn.n., H. nicobarensis Tikader, 1977, syn.n. and H. hainanensis Li, 1991, syn.n. with Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767). The following new combinations are established: Heteropoda megalopis (Thorell, 1891) comb.n. (ex Spariolenus Simon, 1880); Barylestis manni (Strand, 1906) comb.n., Pseudopoda aureola (He et Hu, 2000) comb.n., Pseudopoda shillongensis (Sethi et Tikader, 1988) comb.n., Pseudopoda straminiosa (Kundu, Biswas et Raychaudhuri, 1999) comb.n., Gnathopalystes denticulatus Saha et Raychaudhuri, 2007 comb.n., Olios bhattacharjeei Saha et Raychaudhuri, 2007 comb.n., Olios debalae (Biswas et Roy, 2005) comb.n., Spariolenus buxa (Saha, Biswas et Raychaudhuri, 1995) comb.n. (all ex Heteropoda). Heteropoda camelia Strand, 1914 belongs not to Heteropoda, but to an unrecognisable genus of Sparassidae. Biswas & Raychaudhuri [2005] illustrate not a H. venatoria, but an unidentifiable species of Sparassidae. The following species described from juveniles are considered nomina dubia: H. annulipoda Strand, 1911 from Aru Islands, H. bimaculata Thorell, 1878 from Ambon, H. bivittata Thorell, 1887 from Sulawesi, H. megalopis (Thorell, 1891) from Nicobar Islands, and H. panaretiformis Strand, 1906 from Sumatra. Heteropoda zuviele Jäger, 2008 and H. simplex Jäger et Ono, 2000 are recorded the first time from Taiwan, H. boiei (Doleschall, 1859) from Borneo, H. parva Jäger, 2000 from Kalimantan and Sarawak. Heteropoda beroni Jäger, 2005 is recorded from the cave Gua Istani Taokala (Sulawesi, Maros karst, Bantimurung). Heteropoda sp. cf. sumatrana Thorell, 1890 (?) is recorded from Java, Cibodas, described and illustrated.

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