Sidorov D.A. 2014. Towards systematics of the subterranean amphipod genus Niphargus (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Niphargidae) of Transcaucasia: new record of N. inermis and N. iniochus in Abkhazia // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.23. No.4: 363–377 [in English].

Institute of Biology and Soil Science FEB RAS, 100-let Vladivostoku Av. 159, Vladivostok 690022, Russia, e-mail:

KEY WORDS: Amphipoda, Niphargus, Abkhazia, Western Caucasus, new records, mt-cox1.

ABSTRACT. The subterranean amphipod Niphragus inermis Birstein, 1940 and N. iniochus Birstein, 1941 (Crustacea: Niphargidae) are newly reported from the high-mountain limestone cave at Arabika karstic massif and from the Nizhne-Shakuranskaya cave near Tsabal (Abkhazia). Based on the recently collected materials additional morphological features are described and figured in this paper.

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