Zuev R.V. 2016. Centipedes (Chilopoda) from the Stavropol Territory, northern Caucasus, Russia // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.25. No.1: 23–38 [in English].

North Caucasus Federal University, Pushkina Str. 1, Stavropol, 355009, Russia. E-mail: romus00@yandex.ru

KEY WORDS: Chilopoda, faunistics, Stavropol Territory, Ciscaucasia.

ABSTRACT. The centipede fauna of the Stavropol Territory, northern Caucasus comprises at least 28 species; 15 of them are new to the regional list, including three new to the fauna of the Caucasus: Lithobius melanops Newport, 1845, Schendyla nemorensis (C.L. Koch, 1837) and Diphyonyx conjungens (Verhoeff, 1898). Faunistic records of all these species in the region are presented and mapped.

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