Tanasevitch A.V.1, Ponomarev A.V.2, Chumachenko Yu.A.3 2016. A new species of Tenuiphantes Saaristo et Tanasevitch, 1996 (Aranei: Linyphiidae) from Adygea, the Caucasus, Russia // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.25. No.2: 217–218 [in English].

1 Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky prospekt, 33, Moscow 119071, Russia. E-mail: tanasevitch@gmail.com

2 Institute of Arid Zones, Southern Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chekhov str., 41, Rostov-on-Don 344006, Russia. E-mail: ponomarev1952@mail.ru

3 Caucasian State Biosphere Nature Reserve, Sovetskaya str., 187, Maykop 385000 Russia. E-mail: ychumachenko73@mail.ru

KEY WORDS: Spiders, Micronetinae, Adygea, Lagonaki Plateau, the northern Caucasus, Russia, subalpine, new species.

ABSTRACT. Tenuiphantes lagonaki sp.n. (?) is described from the mountains of the northern Caucasus, Adygea. The new species is most similar to the Anatolian T. wunderlichi Saaristo et Tanasevitch, 1996, from which it readily differs in the shape of the lamella characteristica and the toothless embolic base.

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