Zhou B., Zhang F. 2017. One new Cyclosa species, and the first record of C. sachikoae Tanikawa, 1992 from China (Aranei: Araneidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.26. No.4. P.335–340 [in English].

The Key Laboratory of Invertebrate Systematics and Application, College of Life Sciences, Hebei University, Baoding 071002, P. R. China.

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.26.4.09

KEY WORDS: spider, Araneae, taxonomy, description, Hainan Island.

ABSTRACT: A new species, Cyclosa rostrata sp.n. is described based on the holotype and paratype males from Hainan. Cyclosa sachikoae Tanikawa, 1992, originally described from Okinawa Prefecture and Kyushu Island (Japan) is recorded from China (Hainan Island) for the first time.

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