Caleb J.T.D.1, Prajapati D.A.2, Ali P.A.3 2019. Redescription of Rudakius ludhianaensis (Tikader, 1974) (Aranei: Salticidae), with notes on its synonymy and distribution // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.28. No.3: 417–423 [in English].

1 Centre for DNA Taxonomy, Zoological Survey of India, Prani Vigyan Bhawan, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700053, West Bengal, India. E-mail:

2 Research and Development Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641046, Tamil Nadu, India.

3 Department of Zoology, Women University, Swabi, Pakistan.

doi: 10.15298/arthsel. 28.3.06

ABSTRACT. Rudakius ludhianaensis (Tikader, 1974) is redescribed based on the type series and new materials from India and Pakistan. A detailed morphological description, diagnosis and illustrations of the copulatory organs are provided. The updated distribution range of the species is mapped. R. ludhianaensis is shown to be a senior synonym of two species names: Marpissa endenae Biswas et Biswas, 1992 syn.n. and Pseudicius admirandus Logunov, 2007 syn.n.

KEY WORDS: Araneae, India, Iran, jumping spider, distribution, synonyms, Pakistan.

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