Ćurčić N.B.1, Dimitrijević R.N.1, Ćurčić S.B.2 2020. Checklist of the pseudoscorpions (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) of Serbia // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.29. No.1: 13–27 [in English].

1 Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić”, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Đure Jakšića 9, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.

2 Institute of Zoology, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Biology, Studentski Trg 16, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. E-mail: srecko@bio.bg.ac.rs

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.29.1.02

ABSTRACT. A checklist of all representatives of the order Pseudoscorpiones (Arachnida) from Serbia is provided, based on the available literature. A total of 76 species belonging to 12 genera and four families is recorded in Serbia. Eight species lack precise locality data. General and local distributions of each species are reported. Notes on identification changes and comments on some old records are given for certain species.

KEY WORDS: false scorpions, arthropods, endemics, fauna, diversity, Balkan Peninsula.

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