Sudhin P.P.1, Nafin K.S.1, Caleb J.T.D.2, Sudhikumar A.V.1 2020. Redescription of Asemonea cristata Thorell, 1895 (Araneae: Salticidae: Asemoneinae), with notes on its synonymy and distribution // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.29. No.2: 251–256 [in English].

1 Centre for Animal Taxonomy and Ecology, Department of Zoology, Christ College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda – 680 125, Kerala, India. E-mail:

2 Zoological Survey of India, Prani Vigyan Bhavan, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700 053, West Bengal, India.

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.29.2.11

ABSTRACT. Asemonea cristata Thorell, 1895 is redescribed on the basis of newly collected materials from the Western Ghats region, Kerala, India. Asemonea picta Thorell, 1895 and A. santinagarensis (Biswas et Biswas, 1992) are synonymised with A. cristata. Collecting localities of A. cristata are mapped as well.

KEY WORDS: Aranei, jumping spider, Western Ghats, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

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