Fomichev A.A.1, Omelko M.M.2 2020. Three new species of the Acantholycosa-complex (Aranei: Lycosidae) from the south of the Russian Far East // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.29. No.2: 262–272 [in English].

1 Altai State University, Lenina Pr., 61, Barnaul, RF-656049, Russia. E-mail:

2 Federal Scientific Center of East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok 690022, Russia. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/arthsel.29.2.13

ABSTRACT: Three new species from the south of the Russian Far East belonging to the Acantholycosa-complex are diagnosed, described and illustrated: Acantholycosa irinae sp.n. (♂♀), A. marusiki sp.n. (♂♀) and Sibirocosa arsenyevi sp.n. (♂♀). Endemism of the wolf spiders of the Acantholycosa-complex from the Sikhote-Alin Mt. Range is discussed.

KEY WORDS: Araneae, Asia, endemism, Lycosidae, new species, Sikhote-Alin Mt. Range, taxonomy, wolf spiders.

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