Mikhailov K.G. 2013. The spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) of Russia and adjacent countries: a non-annotated checklist // Arthropoda Selecta. Suppl. No.3. 262 p.

Zoological Museum MGU, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str. 6, Moscow 125009 Russia. E-mail: mikhailov2000@gmail.com

KEY WORDS: Aranei, spiders, checklist, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Moldova, Kirghizia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, physiographical areas.

ABSTRACT: A checklist of 3,340 spider species belonging to 629 genera and 50 families is provided for Russia and the other post-Soviet republics, namely, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia (Belarus), Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia (Moldova), Kirghizia (Kyrgyzstan), Tajikistan, Turkmenia (Turkmenistan), Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, based on comprehensive literature data covering more than 2,600 sources published between 1770 and June 2013. Calculations of the number of spider species in the post-Soviet republics and different physiographical areas are provided in the introductory part. Each species included in the checklist is supplied with an attribution both to physiographical area(s) and republic(s). The necessary synonymies and valid subspecies are also enlisted, same as nomina dubia and nomina nuda. An alphabetic index of all genera and species names is provided as well. - Destined for zoologists, mainly arachnologists and entomologists, as well as for local biologists and naturalists. - 1 map, 3 tables, 199 references.

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