Sozontov A.N.1, Esyunin S.L.2 2022. Spiders of the Udmurt Republic: fauna, ecology, phenology and distribution // Arthropoda Selecta. Supplement No. 5. 285 p. [in English].

1 Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, 8 Marta Str. 202, Ekaterinburg 620144 Russia.

2 Perm State University, Bukireva Str. 15, Perm 614600 Russia.

ABSTRACT. A synopsis on the spider fauna (Aranei) of the Udmurt Republic consisting of 403 species has been compiled for the first time. It is based on both original and literature-derived data. All species are provided with the studied material, distribution maps, habitat preferences, phenology data and lists of associated species. The primary digital dataset is duplicated in the GBIF repository. The book is intended for zoologists, ecologists, local natural historians and other naturalists. 320 figures, 5 tables, 70 references.

KEY WORDS: spiders, regional fauna, biotopic distribution, phenology, associated species, species associations, East of the Russian Plain.

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