Tuzovsky P.V.1, Gerecke R.2 2009. Water mites of the family Limnocharidae (Acariformes, Hydrachnida) from Madagascar // Acarina. Vol.17. No.1: 33–55 [in English].

1 Institute for Biology of Inland waters, Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok, Yaroslavl Prov., 152742 Russia; e-mail: tuz@ibiw.yaroslavl.ru

2 Biesingerstr. 11, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany; e-mail: reinhardgerecke@uni-tuebingen.de

ABSTRACT: Water mites of the family Limnocharidae collected from spring and stream habitats in Madagascar were studied. Five species new to science, Limnochares fasta n. sp., L. connexa n. sp., L. simulans n. sp., Neolimnochares madagascariensis n. sp., and N. longirostris n. sp., are described and their taxonomic relationships are discussed. New records are given of L. crinita Koenike, 1898. A key is provided for the African species of the family.

KEY WORDS: Limnocharidae, Limnochares, Neolimnochares, water mite, new species.

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