Khaustov A.A. 2009. A new genus and three new species of the mite family Microdispidae (Acari: Heterostigmata) from Crimea // Acarina. Vol.17. No.1: 65–73 [in English].

Nikita Botanical Gardens — National Scientific Center, Yalta, Crimea 98648, Ukraine (no longer valid); e-mail:

ABSTRACT: A new genus, Paramicrodispus gen. nov. (Acari: Microdispidae), and three new species of the genera Premicrodispus Cross, 1965 and Dolichodispus Khaustov, 2006 are described from Crimea: P. karadagensis sp. n., P. acutisetus sp. n., and Dolichodispus rarus sp. n., Paramicrodispus crenulatus (Savulkina, 1978) comb. nov. is redescribed.

KEY WORDS: Heterostigmata, Microdispidae, systematics, Paramicrodispus gen. n., Premicrodispus, Dolichodispus, new species, Crimea.

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