Mironov S.V. 2009. On identity of the type species of the feather mite genus Anhemialges Gaud, 1958 (Astigmata: Analgidae), with the description of a new genus of the analgid subfamily Megniniinae // Acarina. Vol.17. No.1: 89–100 [in English].

Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, Saint Petersburg 199034, Russia; e-mail: astigmata@zin.ru

ABSTRACT: This paper demonstrates that the genus Anheminalges Gaud, 1958 (Analgidae: Analginae) is based on the misidentified type species “Anhemialges longipes (Trouessart, 1899)”. As indicated originally (Gaud 1958) and subsequently, this species commonly occurs on the barn swallow, Hirundo rustica (Passeriformes), and some other hirundinid species worldwide. Examination of the holotype specimen of Megninia longipes Trouessart, 1899 described from the horned screamer, Anhima cornuta (Anseriformes), from South America revealed that it does not correspond to the species occurring on hirundinids and belongs to the subfamily Megniniinae rather than Analginae. The species actually involved in the misidentification, Anhemialges gaudi sp. n. (=A. longipes sensu Gaud, 1958, non Trouessart, 1899), is fixed here as the type species of the genus Anhemialges (Article 70.3.2, ICZN). A new genus, Anhimomegninia gen n., is established based on Megninia longipes. The genus Anhemialges is provided with an emended diagnosis and the species Anhimomegninia longipes (Trouessart, 1899), comb. n. is redescribed based on the holotype.

KEY WORDS: feather mites, Analgidae, Anhemialges, Anhimomegninia, new taxa, systematics, taxonomic correction.

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