Trach V.A.1, Khaustov A.A.2 2011. A review of the genus Coleopterophagus Berlese, 1882 (Acari: Astigmata: Canestriniidae) of Ukraine // Acarina. Vol.19. No.2: 213–230 [in English].

1 I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Shampanskij al. 2, Odessa, 65058 Ukraine; e-mail: lis­

2 Nikita Botanical Gardens — National Scientific Center, Yalta, Crimea, 98648 Ukraine; e-mail:

ABSTRACT: Four species of the genus Coleopterophagus Berlese, 1882 known from Europe — C. megnini (Berlese, 1881), C. albini Haitlinger, 1990, C. donaldi Haitlinger 1990 and C. maroni Haitlinger, 1990 are recorded in Ukraine. Coleopterophagus albini and C. maroni are recorded in Ukraine for the first time. Adults of the four species are redescribed and illustrated. The male of C. donaldi and immature stages of the genus Coleopterophagus are described and illustrated for the first time. Keys to the four spe­cies (adults and tritonymphs) are provided. The host-parasite relationships of Coleopterophagus are discussed.

KEY WORDS: Acari, Canestriniidae, Coleopterophagus, Cetoniinae, juvenile stages, morphology, hosts, key, Ukraine.

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