Tuzovsky P.V. 2013. Two new water mite species of the genus Neumania Lebert (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia, Unionicolidae) from Vietnam // Acarina. Vol.21. No.2: 114–122 [in English].

Institute for Biology of Inland Waters of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok, Yaroslavl Province, 152742 Russia; e-mail: tuz@ibiw.yaroslavl.ru

ABSTRACT: An illustrated description of two new water mite species, Neumania disetoides sp. nov. (female, male, deutonymph) and N. vietnamica sp. nov. (female, male), from the standing waters of Vietnam are presented.

KEY WORDS: water mites; Unionicolidae, Neumaniinae, new species, morphology; standing waters, Vietnam.

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