Ermilov S.G.1, Tolstikov A.V.1, Salavatulin V.M.1,2 2014. Supplementary description of two galumnid mites, Pergalumna tsavoensis and P. bifissurata (Acari, Oribatida, Galumnidae) // Acarina. Vol.22. No.2: 63–70 [in English].

1 Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia; e-mail:

2 State Agrarian University of the Northern Trans-Urals, Tyumen, Russia; e-mail:

ABSTRACT: Pergalumna tsavoensis Mahunka, 1986 and P. bifissurata Hammer, 1972 are redescribed on the basis of specimens from Zambia and Brazil, respectively. The dentate anterior tectum of epimere I in P. tsavoensis and microgranular body surface, rounded rostrum and absence of postanal porose area in P. bifissurata should be considered in any future identification of these species.

KEY WORDS: oribatid mites, Galumnidae, Pergalumna tsavoensis, P. bifissurata, supplementary description, Zambia, Brazil.

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