Tuzovsky P.V. 2015. Water mites of the genus Hydrodroma Koch, 1837 (Acari: Hydrachnidia, Hydrodromidae) in Russia // Acarina. Vol.23. No.1: 25–39 [in English].

Institute for Biology of Inland Waters Russian Academy of Sciences, 152742, Borok, Nekouz Distr., Yaroslavl Prov., Russia; tuz@ibiw.yaroslavl.ru

ABSTRACT: A detailed taxonomic review of water mites of the genus Hydrodroma Koch, 1837 (Hydrodromidae) in Russia based on long-term survey in 1970–2013. The review includes illustrations and redescriptions of adults of 4 species: Hydrodroma despiciens (Müller, 1776), H. pilosa Besseling, 1940, H. reinhardi Pesic, 2002, H. torrenticola (Walter, 1908) and deutonymphs of three species (H. despiciens, H. pilosa and H. torrenticola). Identification keys to adults and deutonymphs are given.

KEY WORDS: Hydrachnidia, Hydrodromidae, Hydrodroma, water mites, morphology, male, female, deutonymph, identification key, Russia.

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