Corpuz-Raros L.1, Ermilov S.G.2 2015. First report of Malaconothridae (Acari, Oribatida) from the Philippines, with description of a new species of the genus Malaconothrus // Acarina. Vol.23. No.1: 63–68 [in English].

1 Crop Protection Cluster, College of Agriculture and Museum of Natural History, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Philippines; e-mail:

2 Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia; e-mail:

ABSTRACT: The oribatid mite family Malaconothridae (Acari, Oribatida) is recorded from the Philippines for the first time. A new species of the genus Malaconothrus, M. agusanensis Ermilov et Corpuz-Raros sp. n., is described and illustrated on the basis of adult specimens collected in litter of mixed swamp forest from the Agusan Marsh in Mindanao Island. The new species is similar to M. adilatatus Ermilov, Anichkin et Tolstikov, 2014, but differs from the latter by the morphology of interlamellar and exobothridial (ex1) setae and leg claws, and by the lengths of notogastral setae p2 and subcapitular setae.

KEY WORDS: oribatid mites, Malaconothrus, new species, Philippines.

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