Khaustov A.A. 2015. New records of the genus Scutacarus (Acari: Heterostigmatina: Scutacaridae) from ant nests in Western Siberia, Russia // Acarina. Vol.23. No.1: 85–91 [in English].

Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia; e-mail:

ABSTRACT: Two species of the genus Scutacarus Gros, 1845 (Acari: Scutacaridae): S. pygmephoroides Mahunka, 1966 and S. kassaii Mahunka, 1965 are recorded for the first time in Russia and redescribed based on specimens from Western Siberia. Scutacarus pygmephoroides was collected in nest of Formica rufibarbis; S. kassaii was collected in nests of Lasius niger and Myrmica ruginodis.

KEY WORDS: Acari, Heterostigmata, Scutacaridae, systematics, redescription, ants.

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