Potemkin A.D.1, Kazanovsky S.G.2 1993. On the genus Mylia S. Gray (Hepaticae, Jungermanniaceae, Mylioideae) // Arctoa. Vol.2: 1–12 [in English].

1 Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Popov str., 2, St. Petersburg, 197376 Russia

2 Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, POBox 317, Irkutsk 664033 Russia

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, liverworts, Mylia taylorii, Mylia verrucosa, taxonomy, phytogeography, Siberia, key for identification.

ABSTRACT. A valid separation of the genus Mylia into two sections, Anomalae Schust. ex Potemk. and Mylia (= section Verrucosae Schust. nom. invalid. et illeg.), is carried out. Distinguishing characters of the species of Mylia, section Mylia, the distribution of M. taylorii and M. verrucosa and taxonomical status of M. nuda, are reviewed on the base of a comparative investigation. Key to recognized taxa of the genus is presented.

doi 10.15298/arctoa.02.01

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