Demidova E.E.1 1993. [On the stomatal patterns in the Splachnaceae (Musci)] // Arctoa. Vol.2: 49–56 [in Russian, with English sumary].

1 Department of Biology, All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI), Usievich St. 20, Moscow 125219, Russia

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, anatomy, Splachnum, entomochory, attactants,secretion.

ABSTRACT. Morphology and distribution of the stomata on the apophysis were studied in six entomochorous species of genera Tayloria, Splachnum and Tetraplodon. Significant differences occur between the species and genera in number of stomata per capsule, type of stomata and its distributional pattern. Stomatal features in Splachnaceae appear to have diagnostic and taxonomic value. Among the six species investigated, four have both round-pored (type 1) and long-pored (type 2) stomata. The fact of this dimorphism and also the similarity of round-pores with water pores of hydathodes in vascular plants, allow to suggest, that round-pored stomata act like water-pores and, probably, take part in secretion of insect attractants.

doi 10.15298/arctoa.02.03

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