Potemkin A.D.1 1993. The Hepaticae of the Yamal Peninsula, West Siberian Arctic // Arctoa. Vol.2: 57–102 [in English].

1 Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Popov str., 2, St. Petersburg, 197376 Russia

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, liverworts, flora, biodiversity, Yamal Peninsula, taxonomy, new species, Gymnocolea fascinifera.

ABSTRACT. Hepatic flora of Yamal Peninsula includes 121 species, 2 subspecies, 22 varieties and 11 forms. The conspect includes informatoion about species distribution within the peninsula, their habitat preferances, associated species, and for selected species also taxonomic comments. There is described Gymnocolea fascinifera Potemk. sp. nov. and new combinations suggested for Cephaloziella divaricata var. polystratosa (Schust. & Damsh.) Potemk. comb. nov. (Cephaloziella byssacea (A.Roth) Warnst. var. polystratosa Schust. & Damsh. and also for two forms in Barbilophozia.

doi 10.15298/arctoa.02.04

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