Suragina S.A.1, Ignatov M.S.2 1999. [New records of mosses from the Volgograd Province (South-Eastern European Russia)] // Arctoa. Vol.8: 57–58 [in Russian, with English summary].

1 Volgograd Pedagagical University, Lenina, 27, Volgograd 400005 Russia

2 Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow 127276 Russia

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, new records, Volgograd Province.

ABSTRACT. The paper provides records of mosses new for the South-East of European Russia: Dicranella cerviculata (Hedw.) Schimp., Syntrichia intermedia Brid., Orthotrichum anomalum Hedw., O. diaphanum Brid., Platyhypnidium riparoides (Hedw.) Dix., Camptothecium lutescens (Hedw.) B. S. G., Homalothecium philippeanum (Spruce) B. S. G. The latter species is represented by unusual phenotype with strongly curved branches, which is briefly descussed and illustrated.


doi: 10.15298/arctoa.08.07

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