Czernyadjeva I.V.1 1999. New record of Dicranella riparia (H. Lindb.) Maort. et Nyh. (Dicranaceae, Musci) in Russia // Arctoa. Vol.8: 71–72 [in English].

1 Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Popov str., 2, St. Petersburg, 197376 Russia

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, mosses, new records, Leningrad Province, Dicranella riparia.

ABSTRACT. Dicranella riparia, known previously in Russia only from the Isthmus Karelicus (Leningrad Province), is reported from the Yamal Peninsula. Description, illustrations, differentiotion characters and habitat data are provided.


doi: 10.15298/arctoa.08.10

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