Bakalin V.A.1 2000. Notes on Lophozia I. What is Lophozia silvicola Buch var. grandiretis Buch et S. Arnell (Hepaticae: Lophoziaceae)? // Arctoa. Vol. 9: 111–114 [in English].

1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden, Kola Sci. Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Kirovsk-6, Murmansk Province 184256 Russia

KEYWORDS: hepatics, Lophozia silvicola var. grandiretis, taxonomy, morphology, Lophozia ventricosa, Lophozia savicziae.

ABSTRACT. Analyses of authentic specimens of Lophozia silvicola var. grandiretis Buch et S. Arnell, and comparisons with herbarium and living materials of Lophozia savicziae Schljak. have shown that these names are synonymous. This morphologically malleable taxon is characterized by biconcentric oil bodies, a feature it shares with few other Lophozias. Among these, it is most similar to L. ventricosa s.str., but the two are differentiated by several morphological and ecological characters. Therefore, it is concluded that L. savicziae warrants recognition as a distinct species.


doi: 10.15298/arctoa.09.11

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