Sofronova E.V.1 2001. New findings of rare liverworts in Yakutia // Arctoa. Vol. 10: 201–206 [in Russian].

1 Institute of Biology of Permafrost-Zone, Lenina str. 41, Yakutsk 677000 Russia

KEYWORDS: new records, hepatics, Yakutia, Bucegia, Haplomitrium, Lophozia, Scapania.

ABSTRACT. Among seven rare for Russia species (Bucegia romanica, Haplomitrium hookeri, Lophozia decolorans, L. perssonii, Scapania kaurinii, S. rufidula, S. sphaerifera) three species (Haplomitrium hookeri, Scapania kaurinii, S.rufidula) are recorded for the first time for Yakutia.  Data on ecological behavior and reproduction are listed for all species. Diagnostic characters of the most considered species are discussed and illustrated. The specific features of the Yakutian plants are emphasized. Description of Haplomitrium hookeri and new data on distribution of Scapania sphaerifera in Yakutia are provided.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.10.21

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