Gao Ch.1,2, Tong C.1,2, Sun J.1,3 2002. The genus Mnioloma (Hepaticae, Calypogeiaceae) new to China discovered from Taiwan. // Arctoa. Vol. 11: 23–26 [in English].

1 Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore 119260 Singapore

2 College of Life and Environmental Science, Shanghai Teachers University, Shanghai 200234, China

3 College of Life Science, Liaoning University, Shenyang, Liaoning 110016, China

KEYWORDS: Mnioloma, Calypogieaceae, new records, Taiwan, China.

ABSTRACT. The Hepatic genus Mnioloma Herzog, Calypogieaceae, with species of M. fuscum (Lehm.) Schust. is discovered from Taiwan and new to China. The world distribution of the genus shows that M. fuscum is the only species widely distributed in paleotropical and pacific regions and the new locality in Taiwan is the most northern station of the genus.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.11.03

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