Tsegmed Ts.1 2002. The list of mosses of Bogdkhan National Park (Mongolia) // Arctoa. Vol. 11: 219–228 [in English].

1 Institute of Botany, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Zhukov Street 7, Ulaanbaatar 51, Mongolia

KEYWORDS: check-list, biodiversity, mosses, Bogdkhan National Park, Mongolia.

ABSTRACT. Research on mosses in the Bogdkhan National Park has revealed that there are 163 species of mosses from 85 generas and 33 families, equal to 42.8% of all mosses in the mountainous regions (Khangai, Khentei and Mongolian Altai Ranges) of Mongolia. These amount to 60.6 % of overall mosses of the Khentei mountain range. The research also discovered some rare and interesting species for moss flora in Mongolia: Polytrichum commune var. perigoniale, P. jensenii, Bryum alpinum, Dichelyma falcatum, Rhabdoweisia kusenevae, Anomodon minor, Weissia platyphylla, and Cephalocladium enerve. The article covers a list of moss species with their ecological and distribution characters in the territory of the Bogdkhan National Park.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.11.18

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