Pogosyan, A.V.1 2003. Bryoflora of volcanic massif Arailer (Republic of Armenia) // Arctoa. Vol. 12: 187–190 [in Russian].

1 Department of Botany, Yerevan State University, A. Manoukyan 1, Yerevan, 375049, Republic of Armenia; e-mail: botmyc@ysu.am

KEYWORDS: chech-list, biodiversity, mosses, hepatics, Armenia, Caucasus, Arailer.

ABSTRACT. Bryoflora of the volcanic massif Arailer (Armenia) includes 60 species, 58 mosses and 2 liverworts. Two moss species are new for Armenia. The list of species includes information on distribution in mountain belts: middle, at 1600–1800 m elev., and upper one, 1800–2570 m, as well as of habitats and substrate.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.12.19

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