Popov S.Yu.1, Fedosov V.E.2, Moshkovsky S.A.3, Ignatov M.S.4 2004. Moss flora of Kerzhensky State Reserve (Nizhniy Novgorod Province, European Russia) // Arctoa. Vol. 13: 57–66 [in Russian].

1 Kerzhenskiy State Reserve, Kostina str. 2, 154, Nizhnij Novgorod 603124 Russia

2 Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow 119234 Russia

3 Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of Russian Acad. Med. Sci., Pogodinskaya 10, Moscow 119832 Russia

4 Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow 127276 Russia

KEYWORDS: check-list, bryophytes, Kerzhensky State Nature Reserve, Nizhny Novgorod Province, biodiversity, phytogeography

ABSTRACT. The moss flora of the State Nature Reserve “Kerzhensky” (ca. 56°30’N, 44°30’E) includes 164 species and 1 variety. An annotated list, and discussion general moss complexes are given. Annotated list includes species frequency and habitat information. A comparison with floras of other states reserves of Central European Russia is provided.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.13.08

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