Konstantinova N.A.1, Bezgodov A.G.2 2005. Hepatics of Vishera State Nature Reserve (Perm Province, Northern Ural Mountains) // Arctoa. Vol. 14: 163–176 [in Russian].

1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden, Kola Sci. Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Kirovsk-6, Murmansk Province 184256 Russia

2 Marshala Rybalko str., 97-16, Perm, 614032 Russia

KEYWORDS: check-lists, hepatics, Vishera State Nature Reserv, Perm Province, biodiversity, phytogeography

ABSTRACT. The Vishera State Reserve is situated on the Western slope of the Northern Urals, in the upper course of the Vishera River, on 60°45'-61°37’N; 58°40'-59°20’E. Its territory includes ca. 2900 sq. km. Elevation is ranging from 240 m in the Valley of Vishera River up to 1469 m on Tulym Range. Specimens of hepatics from collections of Bezgodov and Selivanov as well as a few specimens from PERM have been studied. Compiled annotated list of Hepatics counts 97 species including 8 species (Asterella saccata, Cephalozia macounii, Crossogyna autumnalis, Liochlaena subulata, Lophozia ascendens, Marsupella sphacelata, Nardia insecta, Scapania apiculata) new for Urals. Phytogeography of some rare in Urals hepatics are discussed. In square brackets after species names are given: elevation, a total number of collections and, in Roman numerals, the list of localities according to the legend of the map.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.14.12

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