Sofronova E.V.1 2005. New and interesting records of hepatics in Yakutia // Arctoa. Vol. 14: 197–202 [in Russian].

1 Institute of Biology of Permafrost-Zone, Lenina str. 41, Yakutsk 677000 Russia

KEYWORDS: new records, rare species, hepatics, Yakutia, phytogeography

ABSTRACT. Seventeen species of liverworts rare for Yakutia (Anastrophyllum michauxii, Apotreubia sp., Bazzania tricrenata, Cryptocolea imbricata, Eocalypogeia schusteriana, Gymnomitrion apiculatum, Haplomitrium hookeri, Jungermannia jenseniana, Lophozia perssonii, Nardia japonica, Prasanthus suecicus, Pseudolepicolea fryei, Radula prolifera, Scapania apiculata, S. glaucocephala, S. plicata, S. sphaerifera) are characterized with respect to their geographical distribution, ecology and reproduction. Four of them are recorded for the first time for the republic (Bazzania tricrenata, Gymnomitrion apiculatum, Jungermannia jenseniana, Prasanthus suecicus). Peculiarities of distribution of some species are discussed.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.14.14

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