Ignatov M.S.1, Ignatova E.A.2, Tsegmed Ts.3, Tan B.C.4 2006. The genus Orthodontopsis (Bryaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia, Mongolia and China // Arctoa. Vol. 15: 163–168 [in English].

1 Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow 127276 Russia; e-mail: misha_ignatov@list.ru

2 Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow 119234 Russia; e-mail: arctoa@list.ru

3 Institute of Botany, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Zhukov Street 7, Ulaanbaatar 51, Mongolia; e-mail: tsog_tsegmid@yahoo.com

4 Botany School of Biological Science, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119260; e-mail: benctan@berkeley.edu

KEYWORDS: Orthodontopsis bardunovii, Orthodontopsis lignicola, bryophytes, mosses, Siberia, Yunnan, rare species, disjunction, taxonomy

ABSTRACT. Orthodontopsis bardunovii Ignatov & B.C. Tan was described from Altai and Western Sayan Mts. in 1991, as a new species and genus. Since that time its distribution and ecology were much elucidated. Recently this species was collected also in Khubsugul Region in the Northern Mongolia. The closest relative of O. bardunovii is the species from Yunnan Province of China Orthodontopsis lignicola (Broth.) Ignatov & Tan, comb. nov. (Funaria lignicola Broth., Orthodontium lignicola (Broth.) Da-cheng Zhang, Orthodontium bilimbatum X.J.Li & Da-cheng Zhang). Illustrations and comparison of these two species of the genus Orthodontopsis are provided.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.15.04

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