Czernyadjeva I.V.1 2007. The genus Anacamptodon (Amblystegiaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia and Transcaucasia // Arctoa. Vol. 16: 1–6 [in English].

1 Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Popov str., 2, St. Petersburg, 197376 Russia; e-mail:

KEYWORDS: Anacamptodon, taxonomy, Russia, key for identification, diagnopstic characters

ABSTRACT. The genus Anacamptodon revised for the territory of Russia and Transcaucasia. Two species, A. latidens and A. kamchaticum, occur in Russia, and one species, A.splachnoides, occurs in Caucasus in Georgia. Key to species, their descriptions, illustrations, comparison with other species are given, and distribution is mapped.


doi 10.15298/arctoa.16.01

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