Konstantinova N.A.1, Mamontov Yu.S.2 2010. A revision of the genus Calycularia Mitt. (Calyculiariaceae, Marchantiophyta) // Arctoa. Vol. 19: 117–130 [in English].

1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden, Kola Sci. Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Kirovsk-6, Murmansk Province 184256 Russia; e-mail: nadya50@list.ru

2 Surgut State University, 22 Energetikov St., Surgut, Tyumen Province 628408 Russia; e-mail: yur-mamontov@yandex.ru

KEYWORDS: Calycularia, liverworts, phytogeography, taxonomy.

ABSTRACT. The genus Calycularia is revised worldwide. Descriptions, key for identification of species, differentiation from habitually similar species, distribution, ecology as well as illustrations and worldwide distribution map of Calycularia spp. are provided. C. crispula Mitt. is excluded from hepatic flora of Russia, Canada, Japan and Korea.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.19.09